I am now publishing different artists' works, singularly and collectively, as well as my own work individually and in collaboration with others. Various formats are being artist-published and produced; perfect-bound and hardcover books, saddle-stitched art booklets, eBooks, PDF's, catalogues, artist books, and picture-poems. A percent of the profits will benefit Int'l Child Art Foundation, Washington, D.C. Artists who feel attracted to this initiative please contact me about publishing/distributing your projects. tarantinochristine@yahoo.com

Christine A. Tarantino
Words of Light Books

Saturday, August 18, 2012

RED LIPS - What is Your Version for Me? by Christine A. Tarantino

RED LIPS, What is Your Version for Me?" by Christine Tarantino, a perfect-bound art book in full color, 48 pages of work by 42 artists from 13 countries. In 2009 Tarantino, an American artist, began applying red lips to her self-portraits and continued to create small works on paper using 'red lips' images. In 2012 Andrea Mermer mailed Tarantino an altered version and inspired the call for entries from artists worldwide to create their own version.

Here is the new edition which includes ALL 42 artists from 13 countries who participated,  plus additonal Red Lips images and text by Christine A. Tarantino. Available for you in either print perfect-bound book or Adobe Reader eBook. A portion of profits benefits Int'l Child Art Foundation, Washington, D.C. Both links here will bring you to the page where you can preview the first 10 pages or so of both versions on Lulu.com. 


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