I am now publishing different artists' works, singularly and collectively, as well as my own work individually and in collaboration with others. Various formats are being artist-published and produced; perfect-bound and hardcover books, saddle-stitched art booklets, eBooks, PDF's, catalogues, artist books, and picture-poems. A percent of the profits will benefit Int'l Child Art Foundation, Washington, D.C. Artists who feel attracted to this initiative please contact me about publishing/distributing your projects. tarantinochristine@yahoo.com

Christine A. Tarantino
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Saturday, August 4, 2012

ISSUES IS US: Poverty, Materialism, Prejudice, Animal Neglect, Violence, found materials artist book, by Christine A. Tarantino


Animal Neglect



Christine A. Tarantino, Issues Is Us: Poverty, Materialism, Prejudice, Animal Neglect, Violence, boxed set of 5 unique artist books made entirely from found materials, edition of 12 unique boxes, Mill Pond 2001. *

Edition of 12 unique sets
* 475USD (last one available)

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