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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

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Friday, August 24, 2012

"WITH THE BLOOD OF A DAYLILY - Poems & Drawings by the Homeless Poet" by Christine A. Tarantino

"With the Blood of a Daylily - Poems and Drawings by the Homeless Poet", by Christine A. Tarantino. Full-color, 48 pages of hand-lettered poems and drawings made with the juices of crushed daylilies. 6.625" x 10.25" Perfect-bound, bookstore-quality, standard paperback binding.
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Thursday, August 23, 2012

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BY COSTAS EVANGELATOS ART-EST, ATHENS, 2012. Frameable series of 15 landscape engravings. Only a few copies left. *


from AUG 31- SEPT.15, 2012

In 1988 painter Costas Evangelatos, being artistically in the most dynamic phase of his “Bodygraphics” and conceptual compositions, that had already been successfully exhibited in New York (1984, 1985), Athens (1986, 1987, 1988) and Chantilly, France in 1988, returning to his native island Kefallonia in the autumn of that year, painted 15 landscapes, inspired from nature, but at the same time encorporating imaginary elements. These paintings, in the style of his first teenage works, depicting rubble and debris, in black and white scenery were an emotional refuge back to the years of innocence and early aesthetic austerity.

THE LANDSCAPE ENGRAVINGS of Costas Evangelatos by art historian

Costas Evangelatos, is an outstanding visual artist, writer, performer and theorist of art. He has studied Law at Athens University, and Painting and Aesthetic Theory of Contemporary Art in Manhattan, New York. Among his teachers have been Allen David and Pearl Ehrlich. From 1986 until 1993 he has been the artistic director of the DADA Gallery in Athens, and in 1990 he founded the art studio EST. Along with painting he has had a very active presence in the fields of literature and poetry, performing, Body Art, Happening and Mail-art. He has had solo exhibitions in Athens, Thessaloniki, Rochester, New York, Avignon, Chantilly, Paris, Glasgow, Amsterdam, Nicosia etc. He is a member of numerous scientific, educational and artistic organizations and a member of the Chamber of Fine Arts since 1991.These series of landscape engravings (melanographies) of the artist, were inspired by aspects of the Ionian Sea and Kefalonia island in particular.
When these “melanographies”( inkgraphics) were published in limited numbers, all copies were sold-out. In 1996 the original works have been exhibited in Athens at the Art Center, in his solo exhibition “Doric recording”, yet none of these works remained in the artist’s archive.
Over the years and as a result of the pioneering explorations of the known artist and theoretic, these works were forgotten… Till the beginning of 2012, when a noble admirer of art, donated the whole series to the permanent collection of the Gallery of Contemporary Art, Villa Rodopi in Argostoli. Based on this rare material, the lithographies (engravings) were reprinted, marketed, exhibited and made available from the Art Studio EST in Athens and the Gallery of Contemporary Art, Villa Rodopi in Argostoli.
His landscapes, inspired by the aesthetics of European engravings depicted in traveler’s editions, seem to have a selective affinity with the past, the present and the future. His compositions combine the beauty of nature with the elegance of the ancient Greek monuments. The mythology behind a ruin represents a strong proof of the ties with the European Greco-Roman antiquity throughout the centuries. The contribution to art and culture of the landscape compositions representing reality on the one hand, and the subsequent imaginary constructions on the other, is undeniable.
The compositions of Evangelatos are not at all static; they are characterized by dynamism and motion, achieved through the design and technical skill of the artist. Furthermore, inspired by an intense lyricism of the form, constituting a poetic embellishment of reality, and thus refer to real and dream-like, idealized landscapes.
Lover and connoisseur of ancient Greek aesthetic ideals and culture, draws his first inspiration from the landscapes of the Ionian Sea and his birthplace, Cephalonia.
His engravings are designed from nature (d’après nature), in his birthplace, following clear lines and aesthetic simplicity, characteristics of his early youth. The combination of lyricism, dynamism, movement, and rhythm of the form, as well as his excellent knowledge of ancient Greek culture, became his shelter (haven) during the years of innocence. At that time the artist consciously avoids the sharp contrasts in his work, adopting a figurative style, more lyrical with soft transitions. He uses as stimuli the visual impressions from the rich natural environment of the Ionian Sea.
To create his drawings, all that is needed is a white background and Indian ink. His designs are stable and accurate. His work is characterized by an impressing movement but also by density. That’s how the intensity of their energy is transmitted to the receivers. The artist in order to achieve the movement, the dance, the continuity of any form, as well as its intensity, uses a white background and black Indian ink.
The places where he lived, visited, loved and created, have influenced his work and reveal the strong relationship between the changes of the landscape and the painter. These landscapes are inspired by the beautiful Greek nature. They are almost never static. The linearity of his forms, the use of large and small curves, the straight lines, the geometric forms become a game of osmosis in his hands. Eventually, everything is taking form and substance.
His drawings are following a strict construction. However, ultimately their black and white array can be just as bright as a colorful painting. He creates compositions full of strength; his lines are always accurate and stable. Exciting and torrential interlocutor with the viewer, with a deep knowledge of techniques and art history (a part of which is himself), citizen of the world, lives, exhibits and spends his time, the last few years, in Athens, Paris and Argostoli of the beautiful island of Kefalonia.

Doctorante d’histoire de l’art, Master I et II à la Sorbonne-Paris IV d’histoire de l’art
Membre de l'Association grecque des historiens de l'art.

    *Only a few copies left
88USD + shipping

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

"Chemins enchevêtrés" by Costas Evangelatos

Selected poemsand graphic work, in French by COSTAS EVANGELATOS, Greek painter, performer, poet, and essayist.
Sylloges, Athens, Greece, 2003, perfect-bound, 82 pages.
Forward by Matthew Jennett. Signed copies. *


* Signed copies
19USD + shipping

"in the small mirror" by Costas Evangelatos

Poetic and graphic work by COSTAS EVANGELATOS, Greek painter, performer, poet, and essayist.
Apopeira Publications, Athens, Greece, 2003, perfect-bound, 48 pages, selected poems re-written in English by Evangelatos.
Forward by Matthew Jennett. Signed copies. *

"...the passionate desire for redemption and salvation underlies much of this work..." - M.J.

Costas Evangelatos web link.

* Signed copies
15USD + shipping